Asparagus racemosus(Shathavari)-ಶತಾವರಿ

Kingdom: Plantae

Clade: Angiosperms

Order: Asparagales

Family: Asparagaceae

Subfamily: Asparagoideae

Genus: Asparagus

Species: A. racemosus


Its habitat is common at low altitudes in shade and in tropical climates throughout Asia, Australia and Africa Asparagus grown in India, A. racemosus is most commonly used in indigenous medicine.


It is a scandent,much branched,spinous undershrub with tuberous grows 1-2m tall roots are fibrous and has pine needle like phylloclades,uniform shiny green in color.white flowers produced in September.

A study of ancient classical ayurvedic literature claimed several therapeutic attributes.Root of A.racemosus has been referred as bitter sweet ,emollient,cooling,nervine tonic,constipating,galactogogue and aphrodisiac,diurectic,rejuvating,carminative,stomachic,antiseptic and as a tonic.Roots are used in nervous disorders,dyspepsia,diarrhoea,dysentery,tumors,inflammations,hyper dipsia,neuropathy,heatopathy,cough,bronchitis,and in certain diseases.